Piano Teachers

It is not possible to recommend particular teachers as it is often a matter of finding one that you can get along with and who has a teaching method that you find agreeable. Use these listings as a general resource and if possible, talk to several teachers. It is worth noting that some teachers will visit your home while you may need to travel to others.

Most teachers will use an accoustic piano for their teaching and this is to be recommended.

If you are a teacher and would like to become Barrett Pianos approved and included on this page, please contact us

If you have a teacher that you would like to suggest, please obtain their approval prior to making your recommendation.

Teachers in the South Wales Area

Liz Edmonds (01656) 858804 Mobile 07854 460707 (Broadlands) Bridgend

Sandra Foley, The Music Room, 97 Merthyr Mawr Rd, Bridgend (01656) 669801